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The aim of this page is to keep notes of what was covered at my sections of Stat 20 (Fall 2003). I will try to keep up to date notes on this page, but there may be occasions where it lags what is covered during our discussion. Notes will never appear here until after the section has already occured. It is in your best interests to always attend the section hours. More thorough discussion will likely occur at the sections. Occasionally, in the material here, I will provide solutions. But usually it will only be a listing of the problems covered. Please be sure to let me know of any typos etc.

Section hours

MW9-10344 Evans
MW1-2332 Evans

Office hours (official)

M2-3307 Evans
W12-1307 Evans

Notes on what was covered at section

DatePDF file
Aug 27, 2003Click to download
Sept 3, 2003Click to download
Sept 8 , 2003Click to download
Sept 10, 2003Click to download
Sept 15, 2003Click to download
Sept 17, 2003Quiz 1 Click to download
Sept 22, 2003Quiz 1 Answers
Sept 24, 2003Midterm Review. No Notes.
Sept 29, 2003Notes on the simulation exercise
Oct 1, 2003Midterm 1 solutions. No Notes.
Oct 6, 2003Polling/Sampling (notes)
Information on how Gallup conducts its polls
Dewey Defeats Truman photo
Oct 8, 2003Causation/Association/Experiments
Oct 13, 2003Confidence intervals
Oct 15, 2003Quiz 2
Oct 20, 2003Quiz 2 answers
Hypothesis testing for a single proportion
Oct 22, 2003Hypothesis testing for the difference between two proportions
Oct 27, 2003No Notes
Oct 29, 2003Midterm 2 solutions
One sample normal model
Nov 3, 2003Two sample normal model
Nov 5, 2003Finding P-values from the t-distribution
Nov 10, 2003Regression
Nov 12, 2003More on Regression
Nov 17, 2003Inference for Regression
Nov 19, 2003Quiz 3
Nov 24, 2003Quiz 3 answers
Regression Flowchart
Guide to Estimating Regression Parameters
Dec 1, 2003Observational data/Model selection
Dec 3, 2003Quiz 4 Last Offical section hour
Dec 6, 2003Quiz 4 answers


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