Statistics 200b Spring 2000

Statistics 200b Lab Section - Spring 2000

GSI: Ben Bolstad

Lab Sections: Tuesday 2-4 in 344 Evans, Thursday 2-4 in 344 Evans

Office Hours: Mon 2-3, Tues 1-2 in 397 Evans, Other times by appointment

Email: bolstad@stat.Berkeley.EDU

Recommended text for lab:W.N. Venables and B.D. Ripley (1999) Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus. Springer.


Apr 26,2000 I have fixed quite a few errors in the code skeleton. Of course you found them already didn't you :)
Apr 19,2000 Code Skeleton for lab6 is available now.
Mar 21, 2000 I will try to have lab3 graded by friday (24 Mar) but I may not have them done. Don't worry if i haven't got them done.
Feb 29, 2000 (A leap day) I'm sorry but I haven't had a chance to properly grade lab 2 yet. I will attempt to have them done by the end of the week, but you may have to wait until next week. I also have a number of lab 1 that have not been collected so come see me if you haven't got it back yet.


Lab 1 Note to get the appropriate anova table use "summary(aov(Sodium ~ Type,data=hd)) or anova(lm(Sodium ~ Type,data=hd))" not anything else I may have told you.
Lab 2
Lab 3 part I
Lab 3 part II
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6 Code skeleton

Data files

Some Sample Splus code
Multiple Comparison Simulation
Lab 0
S code for Lab 0
bmb S plus notes #1 (Plain text, postscript later).
bmb S plus notes #2 (Plain text, postscript later).

Hw solutions (scanned, so probably don't print well)
Hw1 page 1 and Hw1 page 2
Hw2 page 1 and Hw2 page 2
Hw3 page 1 Hw3 page 2
Hw4 page 1 , Hw4 page 2 , Hw4 page 3 , Hw4 page 4
Hw6 page 1 , Hw6 page 2 , Hw6 page 3 , Hw6 page 4

Sample latex stuff
Will go here as soon as I get a chance to write some.

Computing links

An introduction to using SCF system and other useful stuff
The beginnings of a Latex file for a report Perhaps useful to get an idea of how a report should be laid out and also to view some sample latex code.

Online information relating to Latex
Phil Spectors Latex 2e notes (note this is compressed postscript file)
Latex help 1.1 at Emory University
The Latex Navigator
Jaspers latex Help
Beginning Latex (An on line tutorial)
Another Online tutorial
List of latex books that may be useful

Online information relating to S-Plus
Commercial Splus
Comprehensive R Achive Network (CRAN) A free S-Plus like implementation
Phil Spectors Intro to S-Plus (note that this is a pdf file)
An Splus tutorial
Another Splus tutorial
More online info on SPlus
List of S-Plus books that might be useful

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