Old news

10 Feb 1999 I will need all class account forms back before next Thursday, thats the 18th of February. If you have not completed the login procedure and returned the form please do so. Or come get a form during my office hours or section on friday. Also I still have many homework #1 available for collection.

8 Feb 1999 Return completed class account forms as quickly as possible. Uncollected marked homework #1 are available for collection during my office hours.

3 Feb 1999 Class account forms will be available from me at my office hours and at both sections. Please complete and return as soon as possible.

1 Feb 1999 I have been made aware of another conflict. This time with the second hour on Mondays. SO my new proposal is to have the second hour as the more structured hour on Fridays and the first hour the more structured on Mondays. I have also decided on a preliminary schedule for the computer laboratories. See below.

22 January 1999

I intend to put the labs here when I hand them out. I also intend to put any other notes of interest (to me or to you here). At section I intend to mostly go over problems (trying to exclude the assigned problems where possible) and later for the labs I may try give some hints.

I will attempt to keep the material I cover in each section the same for both the Monday and Friday sections to keep it as fair as possible. ie if I cover it in one section I will cover it in the other.
Email is the best way of contacting me.

It has come to my attention that several people have a conflict during the first hour of the section (2-3) for both friday and monday. Since it was never my intention to do a full two hours of problems what I propose doing is the following.

Hour 1 A public office hour (ask me questions, hints for assignment work etc) held in 332 Evans
Hour 2 Work through problem sets (I will endeavour to keep track of the problem set I have     covered and list their numbers, so that if you miss a lab you can look at those problems yourself).

If you have questions or problems with this please email me. If it becomes clear that this will not work then I will consider making the labs run an hour later ie from 3-5.