Stat 215b Spring 2004 Section page

GSI: Ben Bolstad email:
Professor Brillinger's 215b webpage

Important Notices

We will hold section on Feb 3 in 443 Evans. The normal section hour on Thursday Feb 5 is cancelled.


Computing Guide: Getting Started (pdf file)
Latex file giving example structure for a lab writeup
Output file from Latex file giving example of a lab writeup


Lab Data FilesDue DateComments/Additional files
Lab auto-mpg.names
Lab 1cars.dat Due Feb 12th, 2004 Comments on Lab1
Lab 2 bonding.dat Due Feb 26th, 2004Some notes on ellipses
Simultaneous Confidence Intervals
Lab 3 ozoneA.dat
Due Mar 11th, 2004Methods of model selection
Some comments on Lab 3
Lab 4radioactive.dat Due Apr 1th, 2004Delta Method
Fisher Information Matrix
Lab 5radioactive2.dat Due Apr 15th, 2004
Lab 6earthquakes.dat
Due Apr 29th, 2004Code for TempDist1
You should aim for this

Sample code

Simulating qqplots qqplots.R
Simple code for drawing an ellipse
Multiple testing simulation
Code for Lab 2 ( graphical output from code)
Some basic bootstrapping

Miscellanous Documents

A few words about multiple testing
Writing a report for Stat 215b Please Read

Office hours

Usually 9-11am on Fridays (except when noted by email). Other times by appointment.

Useful Links

Latex links
Latex Help
Phil Spectors Latex 2e notes (note this is compressed postscript file)
The Latex Navigator
Document Preparation with Latex
Beginning Latex (An on line tutorial)
A Latex Primer
List of latex books that may be useful
R/Splus links (Commercial S-plus)
Phil Spectors Intro to S-Plus (note that this is a pdf file)
An R tutorial
More online info on SPlus
List of R/S-Plus books that might be useful


Send me email or visit me at office hours.