This is material for classes that I taught previously. It is left here for historical interest. I am not involved in any teaching activities at the current time.

SFSU Math 124 Spring 2005

SFSU Math 124 Fall 2004

SFSU Math 324 Fall 2004

UCB Stat 215b Spring 2004 Section page

UCB Stat 20 Fall 2003 Section page

UCB STAT 200B (Spring '00) webpage

UCB STAT 200B (Spring '99) webpage

Workshops/Short Courses Conducted

This is a listing of some workshops that I gave in the past.
Note only some materials still available (and possibly much of it outdated).
Statistical Analysis of Genetic and Gene Expression Data, March 20, 2006 Molpage Training Program, Pavia, Italy
Pavia Workshop material can be found here
Analysis of Gene Expression Data, August 6-7, 2005 Joint Statistical Meetings, Minneapolis, Minnesota (with TP Speed, YH Yang and J Wettenhall)
JSM_Lab3.pdf and JSM_Lab5.pdf
Canadian Bioinformatics Workshop: Genomics, August 16-17, 2004 University of British Columbia, Robson Square, Vancouver, Canada
1_6.pdf and Lecture_1.6_Outline.pdf
2_0.pdf and Lab_2.0.pdf
2_1.pdf and Lab_2.1.pdf
2_2.pdf and Lab_2.2.pdf
2_3.pdf and Lab_2.3.pdf
Short Course in Microarray Data Analysis, May 25, 2002 Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada (with TP Speed, YH Yang)
Introduction to the Statistical Analysis of Microarray Data, June 15, 2001 Temple University at Fort Washington, Pennsylvania for ASA Philadelphia Chapter (with TP Speed, S Dudoit and YH Yang)